Two: Joe Bloom, Cyrus Hung, Tabitha Steinberg, Jing Xie

21 NOV 2019

<< Reality Runs Away

Ringcross Community Centre, 60 Lough Road N7 8RH

Joe BloomOut The Window. [2019]
Cyrus HungThoughts on Pigeons. [2019, 10’15”]
Tabitha SteinbergI’m wondering if you had any interest in art? [2019]
Jing XieLady, Escalator and Hand. [2019, 3’23”]

The films selected engage in distinct ways with cinema’s relation with public space and the social, as well as the place of art and artists in a society. In Joe Bloom’s Out The Window the artist reflects on his time spent in New York City working as an extra in the film industry. The film takes on the quality of a travelogue, through which he muses on space, the self, travel and their relation to cinema. Cyrus Hung’s film Thoughts on Pigeons addresses the position of moving-image in art institutions, before musings on cannibalism and surveillance. The film foregrounds cinema’s indexical foundations while occupying a liminal space between documentation and performative reading. Tabitha Steinberg’s film follow Andrew and Narotam Horn as they sell reproduction oil paintings door-to-door on industrial estates across the UK. The film portrays a fading, precarious way of life and the relationship between a father and his son. Jing Xie’s Lady, Escalator and Hand is a video document of a performance in ostensibly public space, presented here as a document of a singular action or event which nonetheless serves as a potential study of social mores, boundaries and cultural exchange in contemporary British life.


Joe Bloom, 'Out The Window' 2019

Cyrus Hung, 'Thoughts on Pigeons' 2019

Tabitha Steinberg, 'I'm wondering if you have any interest in art?' 2019

Jing Xie, 'Lady, Escalator and Hand' 2019

Tabitha Steinberg is an artist and curator from London, UK. She currently co-runs 650mAh, a project space located inside MIST Vape Shop.

Jing Xie is a Chinese artist who currently lives and works in Glasgow and Shanghai, working with performance, intervention, moving image, theatre and mixed media.