Cavadoras – Half Way Down

8 JUL 2018

Cavadoras is a performance collective based between Berlin and Naples committed to the study of instant composition, poetry, sound and communicating the imaginative potential of the underground.

Cavadoras, Half Way Down

In ‘Eine halbe Treppe Tiefer’/ ‘Half Way Down’ two dancers, a performance poet and a musician use handheld torches in an otherwise dark space. In this game of light and darkness they expose different spaces and degrees of intimacy while the musician modulates a self-built device that translates light frequencies into sound. Inside the oscillating landscape, the collective body’s task is to communicate the urgency of physical poetry making.

Martina Gambardella (dancer, choreographer, IT); Lilly Pöhlmann (dancer ECU/GER); Marcelo Schmittner (sound/light artist CHL); Marianne Tuckman (performance poet/dancer UK)

Doors: 19:00 Performance: 20:00 - 20:45

All proceeds from tickets and the donation bar will support the artists and the Pilion Trust (info below).